Friday, September 17, 2010


So, I live in a neighborhood where about 80% of the moms on my street stay at home with their kids.  I don't.  I drag my kids out of the house at the ungodly hour of 6:15 am - usually with the little one LOUDLY protesting - and I generally yell back.  Anyway, the moms have a little group and it seems they rotate from house to house, with the kids all running around, happily playing and very comfortable with each other.  Do they judge me?  Probably not.  But in my mind I firmly believe that they think I am not a good mom.  So tonight they are all out enjoying the beautiful weather and I'm trying to keep the girls from killing each other as the hubby has decided that dinnertime is the PERFECT time to install a ceiling fan in the kitchen.  So, after trying to put the girls off, they really start to revolt and demand dinner.  Left with few options, I decided to head to McDonalds.  The girls were thrilled.  However, as I pulled up out front of the house with two happy meal boxes in hand, I felt an incredible sense of guilt.  Would they all silently judge me as I walked past with the forbidden fast food?  Would they comment to each other that 7pm
 is too late to feed young children dinner?  As I sat in the car annoyed at myself for caring so much what others think, I tried to convince myself that it's ok to feed the kids McDs.  It really is.  Just not every night, right??  So now I'm positive that they are wondering why I am sitting in my car, turned off, by myself.  I bit the bullet, filled my hands with the forbidden fruit, put my head down and speed raced into the door.  The local moms may not be impressed with my fine dining for the night, but two little girls sure were thrilled, and really, isn't that what it's all about?


  1. They deserve a treat once in a while. And you are only matters that you are making your girls happy.

  2. Funny, I always feel like people are judging me for not stimulating my kids enough. Since they stay home with me when not in school, aren't "learning" in afterschool care, and I haven't signed them up for a million activities. :-)

  3. it is tough being a working mom. i totally understand what you are saying. but like you said, we do the best for our own kids and that is all we can ask of ourselves. that being said, sweet cheeks had mcd's for breakfast and lunch on saturday! nice, right.
    i am so excited you have a blog! look forward to reading it.