Sunday, September 12, 2010

Game Time!!

Lately, in my house, game time has been around 4 am - jealous, aren't you?!?!?  We put Eilis into a "big girl bed" this summer - and boy hasn't that been fun!  For the first month and a half I had to lie with her while she fell asleep - we had visitors so this was easier (or so I reasoned!).  Once the visitors were gone we went the baby gate route - as in put it at her door since she can open her own door, and let her cry until she gave in.  She did this for about 4 days, and then finally she now goes to bed in her bed without protest.  However, she just doesn't seem to want to stay there.  So, most nights we get a visit around 3 or 4 am.  The door creaks open, her little ponytail can be seen bobbing in the light from the hall, she climbs up onto the hope chest and then launches herself into the bed - doesn't matter where she lands, or how hard for that matter!  Since she is small, it shouldn't matter that she is added to the bed.  However, we already have Ned as a bedfellow as well.  Ned is our 30 pound puggle who, at night, becomes our 500 pound elephant.  I swear, this dog gets bigger and heavier while in our bed (hmmmm...maybe that explains my weight gain over the past 5 years - maybe there is something in our bed??)  So with Ned the puggle/elephant, Gary the dead sleeper who loves to stretch, Eilis who has to be touching me, my nights have not been much fun.  So my new game is musical beds - good times, huh?!  Both girls have queen sized beds, so some nights I'll go and cuddle with Niamh - but she is a sleeper like her Daddy, so this doesn't usually last.  Lately I've been winding up in Eilis' room.  I have to admit, those pillow pets are pretty comfy - must remind Santa to get a few more this year!!  So as I settle in with my cow and bunny pillow pets, my ladybug quilt, a hard plastic rainbow bright doll that has to be in the bed, and the godforsaken waterbaby that goes everywhere with us, I realize that I am NOT enjoying this round of musical beds and wonder - would it just be easier to buy a King-size bed??!?!?

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  1. ours comes in about 5am most mornings. ughhh.. don't know why they can't just stay asleep in their own beds.
    sadly but also sweetly, my german shepherd can't get into bed anymore due to her hips. it's a bitter sweet :)