Saturday, August 28, 2010

Am I really cut out for this??

Well, after the summer I've had, spending a LOT of time with my kids, I decided to jump into the blogosphere - yeah, I know, a little late to this trend - but I'm always late!!  What made me finally delve into this world?  My little stunt I pulled tonight made me realize that I am NOT the world's best mom.  Nope, not even close.  I try, don't get me wrong, but I tend to make mistakes - a lot of them!  Nothing that's going to harm my kids too much (I hope), but yeah, I mess up.  Tonight I decided to make a treat for the girls while they were at the playground with their Dad (amazing, they left without me!)  While I should have thrown a party, napped, done laundry, showered, etc, I decided to make brownies.  Feeling like a great mom I quickly followed the directions on the box - yes, it IS baking if it comes from the box - honestly, I have NO IDEA how you bake without a box.  But anyway, just as I put the brownies into the oven the girls ran in, telling me all about their adventures on the slides and how Daddy told them to be rude (great, will have to deal with that one later!)  35 minutes later, after telling the girls they would have brownies if they were good, I checked on them.  Hmmm, why did they rise so much?  Oh well, guess they'll just be extra chewy.  Stuck a knife in them to see if they were done - cause I just never have toothpicks in the house, as the box states.  They were clean, but just didn't seem to be the right consistency.  Still trying to figure this out, my daughters are dancing around me desperate to have a brownie.  Now, they were still hot so I told them no, and began cleaning the mess of making them.  That was when I finally saw the box and realized what I had done.  Yep, I used cake mix and thought I was making brownies.  When I realized this, I tried to sell the girls on cake.  Too bad I didn't have any icing.  Dry cake is practically a brownie anyway, right??  Eilis (almost 3) broke down into tears demanding a brownie (I still don't think she's actually ever HAD a brownie and knows what she was demanding), while Niamh (5) asked me a million and 8 questions, such as "why'd you lie Mom?"  "can you make the brownies now?"  "Can we have the cake?"  "Why didn't you look at the box - see the picture - that's a cake" and so on.  Off to bed they went without their brownies/cake - I promised they can have some in the morning.  In the meantime I found some chocolate icing, iced the cake and shared a piece with the hubby.  Afterwards I realized the eggs I used were 4 days past their expiration date.  So far, neither of us have any signs of food poisoning.  Guess I'll have to keep you posted on that one!!!

And this is just one of the MANY experiences that I seem to have, quite often, that makes me wonder, am I really cut out for this???