Monday, November 1, 2010


**Disclaimer:  This post is truly disgusting**

So, just had a pretty eventful shower/bedtime with the girls.  While I had the girls getting showered I could hear Ned, the dog, bark a few times.  Knowing that he had to go out, I rushed through showers and teeth brushing, wrapped each girl in her towel, handed them their pjs and ran downstairs to take Ned out.  Got there only to discover that Ned didn't feel like waiting - nice pile of poop waiting for me at the door - good times.  Ok, in fairness, he did bark a few times, so I grumbled at him a bit, cleaned up his mess and headed back up to the girls.  Ishy managed to get her pjs on and was being quiet in her room, so I was helping the Nibbs turn her nightgown around and tackle the nightly chore of blowdrying her hair.  While doing this (and practicing counting to 100) Ishy was noticeably absent - could only mean one thing.  Yup, she, too, decided that now would be a good time to poop - not on the potty where she was sitting 10 minutes before hand, but in her clean new pullup - good times.  So, off we go to get a new pullup and get her cleaned up.  Since it was bedtime, and to save myself a trip, I put the dirty pullup in the hallway by the stairs with the intentions of taking it out to the trash after both girls were in bed.  Ishy got her story and was kissed goodnight, then onto Nibbs' room.  While we were reading Ramona (she is LOVING these books, by the way!) I heard Ned's nails on the hallway floor.   Continued to read and then, all of a sudden, Mommy-intuition kicked in.  Ran into the hallway to discover the wonderful puggle was eating the dirty diaper!!!!  SOOOOOOO disgusting!!!  So now I am yelling and cursing at the dog and chasing him down the stairs....get to the bottom of the stairs and feel relief that he dropped the diaper.  As I start to collect the diaper and wipes I realize that the most important part is missing...yep, no poop in the diaper.  So. Freaking. Disgusting.  Dog is now locked in the kitchen with two huge bowls of water.  Ugh. This is just beyond gross.  Oh, and to make matters better - where was lovely hubby during this escapade?  Playing soccer.  Good times!!!

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  1. GROSS! what a poopy night.
    sweet cheeks also enjoys the ramona books. we just started reading the ivy and bean series too. they are cute as well.