Friday, October 22, 2010


Poor Niamh.  Seems she has inherited my musical abilities....or lack thereof!  The girls have been mad into the movie Annie for the past 3 months, and this totally warms my heart - it was my favorite when I was their age.  Anyway, they watch it in the car all the time with their headphones on, and I always know what parts they are at because they love to sing along.  Eilis has a decent voice - she can carry a tune and seems to have some musicality.  And then there is Niamh.  This poor child - this is all that I can say.  If she wasn't my child, I would ask her to stop singing - seriously, it's that bad!  Not only can she not carry a note, she has more confidence than anyone I've ever met, so she is tone deaf and LOUD!!!  As we were driving to our weekly pizza Friday with my family, she started belting out "tomorrow" - I thought the hubby was going to pee his pants.  I am treated to her "unique" rendition every morning while driving to school - talk about a wake up call at 6am!!!  So tonight as she's pretty much yelling "tomorrow" totally off tune, we both lost it.  Is it wrong to laugh at your child if they don't know you are laughing at them?!?!?!?  Now, I know I shouldn't tell her to stop singing, but seriously, this kid is going to start shattering the car windows if she keeps this up!!  Maybe it's time to invest in some piano lessons....anything has to be better than this :-)  So yeah, maybe I'm a bad mom because I laugh at my daughter and her nonexistent ability to sing, but I also admire her, and secretly wish that I still had the confidence to sing badly and sing loudly!

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